Join ICE Inc at STAC 2019 in Montreal April 24-25

Most infants receive milk at some point in their lives. ICE Inc will be exhibiting again this year at STAC 2019 in Montreal. Please drop by our exhibit to see what we are up to and to talk with our principals Simon Weisman and Boris Weisman about any questions you may have.

Subjective sleep quality was evaluated using a nine-item, modified version of the glasgow sleep scale (gss), and objecti Boris will be presenting a paper at STAC 2019 on the advances in the methodology for wind and ice extreme analysis.

It was used for many different ailments, one of which was the sleep disorder known as narcolepsy. In particular the presentation will address some of the shortcomings of the codes for determination of wind extremes when compared to experimental studies and how to avoid these shortcomings. The presentations will also present a primer on determination of glaze icing and in-cloud icing with emphasis on the influence of local topography on the extreme ice loading.

The presentation will also touch on the new requirement in S37 to address the impact of climate change on return period estimation.